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ing," he said in remarks published by the paper. The justices will decide in a few months whether to hear the prison case, and the prison-release order remains on hold in the inte


rcent last year, 15 percentage points higher than those from the United States and 20 percentage points higher than the European Union. The official said that "if they keep this t.


agreement, McKinley said, adding that this partnership must be mature and based on the priorities of the U.S. and Colombian governments. McKinley noted that it is also necessary t.


Hosni Mubarak over phone on Tuesday morning on a range of issues, including the situation in Tunisia and Lebanon, said the White House in a statement. Obama extended his personal .


ion's legislature. "She will have many more congressional allies than I had, especially in the Senate," Lula told the audience. "We are going to have a great congressional bench." .

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an officials expressed their concern that the investigation into this matter is taking so long," Kent said. He warned that Canadians have long appreciated Cuba as a tourist destina.

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a fire in a piece of equipment located between two energy substations. ONS Director-general Hermes Chipp said that ONS will fix the problems and prevent other similar incidents. He.

sidered as hurried and unjustified. The ministry also stressed that the international human rights protection systems, though important, are complementary to countries' internal le.

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