ing in higher education. The OAS secretary general believed the protests aimed "to substantially improve Chile's public education, middle school and the high school system, in ord.

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with their economies, the Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement. "Argentina has a lot of cultural and trade exchange with the Arab world and we are making progress in develo.

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in Jerusalem, including those Jewish neighborhoods." And that sentiment has been mirrored in the Israeli press, as Israeli journalist Eitan Haber, in the Hebrew version of the dai.

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new No. 2 executive, will continue to report to John Chambers, chairman and chief executive officer of Cisco. "Gary is a seasoned and trusted leader who consistently delivers resu.

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reinforce settlement negotiations". He called on the two leaders to discuss applying confidence building measures, including the return of a fenced off city occupied by Turkish tro.

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xtra traffic caused by the Labor Day holiday, officials at Bolivia's national police department said Tuesday Freddy Betancourt, head of the Accident Division of the police, told rep .

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e no immediate reports of casualties or damage. Full story Five people have died in a 8.2-magnitude earthquake that hit off Chilean northern coast Tuesday. ?More than 10,000 peopl.

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rn District of New York, ICP began serving in 2006 as the collateral manager for what were known as the Triaxx CDOs, which invested primarily in mortgage-backed securities. ICP's .

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eron gave the speech in Veracruz, where he was visiting to view the damage. Authorities there had previously reported 500,000 affected, including nine deaths and 100,000 evacuate.

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